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  • From our archives: Honoring ‘severe service’ of ‘Old 13th’

    Note to readers – Sauk Valley Media reprints editorials and articles from the past as a regular Monday feature. The following items appeared in the Ga ...
    June 22, 2014 - 9:00 pm
  • All weather, all the time, ad nauseam

    WASHINGTON – Seven thousand lightning strikes in 15 minutes!I panicked! Where? Where? It took anothe ...
    June 22, 2014 - 9:00 pm
  • Appreciates prairie sign on Sauk campus

    The erection of the sign at Sauk Valley Community College for the Natural Area Guardian Prairie Restoration is greatly appreciated.
    June 19, 2014 - 5:09 pm
  • Sister Cities group thanks lunch patrons

    I would like to thank members of the public who supported the Dixon Sister Cities Association by their purchase of lunch June 6-7 at the Dixon Food C ...
    June 19, 2014 - 5:08 pm
  • Farmer and his pig operation make the news

    Yet, again, farmer Koster and his pig operation are in the news. A state judge has ruled the operation on farmer Koster’s land doesn’t violate any rul ...
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • Angered over narrators for documentary

    Another great Memorial Day celebration comes to a close. It’s a very important day in our lives as we pause to reflect and give honor to our fallen wh ...
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • Families and our nation in need of peace

    When our children and youths grow up, they will be prepared for war. They witness their dads, brothers, friends, mothers and sisters, come home able o ...
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • Loss of trees downtown is a poor choice

    I walked to Baker Street Cafe on the first block of West First Street, downtown Dixon, and struggled through the construction debris. Work is progress ...
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • County may ‘go to pot,’ and board doesn’t mind

    The possibility exists that Lee County could land one of the state’s new cannabis cultivation centers, which would operate in conjunction with Illinoi ...
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • VA problems demand solutions in Illinois

    The unearthing of major issues with our nation’s veterans’ health care system must spur major changes.
    June 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm
  • Return wealth to have-nots, the real job creators

    Goodbye, beloved republic. All hail, better yet, sieg heil, to the fascist, oligarchic plutocracy now governing America. It’s beyond debate: our gover ...
    June 19, 2014 - 8:47 pm
  • Fulfilling a duty with pride

    Whiteside County supplied soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to the World War II effort.It suppli ...
    June 19, 2014 - 8:47 pm
  • Dollar Tree shoppers vs. rich investors

    WASHINGTON – If it weren’t for The Wall Street Journal, we might never know that 47 percent of the shoppers at Dollar Tree earn $25,000 or less a year ...
    June 19, 2014 - 8:47 pm
  • Corrupt state official won’t be alone in jail

    SPRINGFIELD – Well, another state legislator is heading to prison.You won’t hear much outrage in Spr ...
    June 18, 2014 - 8:26 pm
  • Tradition spans three decades

    It’s a tradition.Since 1984, high school basketball fans in the Sauk Valley have been treated to exc ...
    June 18, 2014 - 8:26 pm

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