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  • Rauner not right for job of governor

    The upcoming race for Illinois governor appears to be full of redundancies – candidates on both sides far less than desirable.
    Oct. 8, 2014 - 9:13 pm
  • Please donate to help provide holiday meals

    Mount Morris Loaves and Fish Food Pantry is seeking donations to provide Thanksgiving meal boxes to local families in need. The meal boxes, made possi ...
    Oct. 8, 2014 - 9:13 pm
  • Share your views on proposed Morrison bypass

    Widening a 24-mile stretch of U.S. Route 30 to four lanes between Rock Falls and Fulton has been talked about since 1967 – well before the personal co ...
    Oct. 8, 2014 - 9:13 pm
  • Serving their communities: That's what newspapers do

    What do you care most about in life?Most of us would put family at, or near, the top of such a list. ...
    Oct. 8, 2014 - 9:13 pm
  • Steps necessary to build a stronger Illinois economy

    Note to readers: In advance of today's Sauk Valley Symposium, featuring James D. Nowlan and J. Thomas Johnson, authors of “Fixing Illinois: Politics a ...
    Oct. 7, 2014 - 10:11 pm
  • Union program useful for helping staffers advance

    Scott Reeder's Sept. 25 column on cronyism in the state job market hit home when he stated: "Better-qualified candidates were passed over for those [v ...
    Oct. 6, 2014 - 10:48 pm
  • Vote Smiddy for representative

    I want to thank state Rep. Mike Smiddy for all he has done for Whiteside County. Too often, elected officials forget who elected them, especially thos ...
    Oct. 7, 2014 - 9:23 am
  • Symposium worth attending; see you there

    Why should you attend Wednesday's Sauk Valley Symposium at Sauk Valley Community College?Let us coun ...
    Oct. 7, 2014 - 9:23 am
  • Under her watch, Secret Service had lost its way

    WASHINGTON – Bear with me while I get personal.I had a desk in the press room at the White House for ...
    Oct. 5, 2014 - 8:37 pm
  • From our archives: Speedy Richmond capture a fantasy

    Note to readers – Sauk Valley Media reprints editorials and articles from the past as a regular Monday feature. The following items appeared in the Ga ...
    Oct. 5, 2014 - 8:37 pm
  • Thank you for inspirational programs

    An unusual and excellent program was at 8 a.m. Sept. 19 at the flagpole of Oregon Elementary School. Countless students in the third through sixth gr ...
    Oct. 4, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • Behind the Reader's Voice | Amanda Norris

    Note to readers: This is the third in a series of question-and-answer features about people who frequently write letters to the editor.
    Oct. 3, 2014 - 4:46 pm
  • Blind support of our police ignores reality

    Recently, a few letters appeared in Sauk Valley Media profusely praising and supporting law enforcement. Police officers sacrifice their well-being da ...
    Oct. 3, 2014 - 4:45 pm
  • Carroll sign thieves target Democrats

    Well, the thieves are at it again in Carroll County, stealing Democratic candidate signs. The signs are an expression of free speech.
    Oct. 3, 2014 - 4:46 pm
  • Clearer facts needed about retired warden

    I am sorry to see Nedra Chandler [retired Dixon Correctional Center warden] in a difficult situation.
    Oct. 3, 2014 - 4:46 pm

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    This question is on the Nov. 4 ballot in Paw Paw: "Should the village of Paw Paw adopt an ordinance permitting and regulating the keeping of chickens within the village?" How would you vote?