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Outdoor adventures: New ways to make skeeters hit the skids

Created: Saturday, April 27, 2013 12:44 a.m. CDT

Standing water. While it might be great for mud
volleyball and racing four-wheelers, to me it means one thing: skeeters, and lots of em.

Yep, remember that whole, “Be careful what you wish for” thing I’m always bringing up? Well, this is just one of the bad things that comes from one of them there good things.

Standing water spells spawning grounds for skeeters. The nasty little vermin lay their eggs in pools of standing, stagnant water, and millions of tiny little blood-sucking pests are the result.

Now, we can hope that the water dries up fast or that right after the first hatch, we have a heavy frost. But I ain’t too high on the possibility of either. So, the next question is, what do we do about all these pesky mosquitos? 

I’m a man’s man. You know, the kind that likes manly stuff like blowing things up, big guns and massive campfires.

Oh, and going fast, and loud music and ... you get the point. The first thing that comes to my mind when I am being swarmed by skeeters is a giant blow torch.

Now, since that just isn’t very practical, what is the for-real way to protect yourself, you might ask? Well, over the years, I have tried many things, with varying levels of success.

As I have mentioned before, the ThermaCELL is about the best product for keeping nasty bugs away that I have ever laid eyes on.

However, recently a good buddy of mine who spends a ton of time in the outdoors introduced me to a new product that he absolutely swears by. He hunts turkeys, deer, shrooms and more year-round, and has battled ticks, skeeters and many other tiny pests for years.

Like the rest of us, he has been looking for the magic elixir, as well. It seems as though he has found it.

The name of this new magic product is
Permethrin. It is odorless – which is great for hunters – and is not applied to the skin, which is great for ... well ... all of us.

You can apply it to all your gear, tents, clothing, sleeping bags, chairs, and just about all your other outdoor goodies.

It is made by Sawyer, and comes in a convenient spray bottle. You simply treat your garments and/or products and let them dry. That’s it. My buddy Ed swears by it.

Right now, Permethrin is available at the Rock Falls Walmart behind the sporting goods counter. I am sure it will become more readily available as time goes by. 

Now, keep in mind that this stuff is not to go on your skin or in your eyes or mouth. Just your gear. In the box, you will find the exact instructions for application, and

There you go! A new outdoor product I hope will help you enjoy outdoor activities a little bit more this year.

Until next time, do yourself a favor: Get outside and make some memories.

Go Catfish!

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