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Semi-pro basketball: Richmond granted permission to play for Predators

The Sauk Valley Predators’ roster is finalized. And the linchpin couldn’t have been more dramatically placed.

Deliberation in a Lake County court Friday morning resulted in Jereme Richmond receiving 8 days jail time for probation violations, but being allowed to play for the Predators in their second Premier
Basketball League

Richmond could only serve 4 days, with good behavior, Lake County Judge John Phillips
ruled. Richmond will report to jail every
Friday morning and be released every Sunday
morning, until his
sentence is complete.

“We went from a young man going to jail, which is where we were yesterday [Thursday], to him getting another chance,” Predators co-owner Brad Grenoble said.

Richmond, a 6-foot-7 former McDonald’s All-American who averaged 13.4 points and 7.7 rebounds per game last season for the Predators, will not be allowed to move to Sterling.

Thursday morning, Grenoble’s wife and Preds co-owner, Leah, joined Richmond and his attorney, Lawrence Wade, in presenting a comprehensive itinerary, should he be allowed to commute from his Waukegan home to Predators practice 3 days a week and play in their games.

The meeting was cut short, as Richmond needed to make a court-ordered 11:30 a.m. appointment and class, in accordance with his probation program. His failure to attend multiple classes convinced Phillips to rule against him playing for the Predators in a hearing Feb. 7.

Phillips, Wade, Richmond’s probation officer and the prosecution
were all present for
Friday’s deliberation.

Richmond must continue to attend drug and violence prevention classes and must be tested for drugs and alcohol after each game, Phillips ordered.

Should Richmond follow his probation to the letter, it would be completed July 23.

“22 weeks!” Richmond tweeted after Thursday’s hearing.

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