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Girls basketball: Q&A with Rock Falls sophomore Dallas Clevenger

Created: Saturday, January 5, 2013 12:42 a.m. CDT

Dallas Clevenger
doesn’t waste time when playing sports.

In her first varsity game, with one practice under her belt, the Rock Falls sophomore scored six points against Big Northern West-leading Byron. But how does she kill time in her personal life?

When you’re not playing sports, what do you like
to do for fun?

I’m with friends all the time. All the time. I’m never home. I’m always at other people’s houses.

How do you keep your
parents plugged in on
what you’re doing?

My phone. (laughs) I always have my phone.

Do they make all your games?

Most of the time. I’ve got three sisters, so sometimes it’s hard with all of them and their sports.

What was your parents’ advice for you coming into your first varsity game?

To just do the same thing I was doing at the sophomore level. Obviously, I was doing something right.

What were you doing right that Coach Mammosser called you up to varsity?

Well, Kara Nehrkorn was a guard, and she broke her toe. So that was one of the reasons.

Do you like the opportunity?

Yes, absolutely. I think it’ll make me better in the long run.

When Coach called your number for the first time, what was going
through your mind?

I was so scared. I was nervous. I was surprised, and I didn’t think I’d play as much as I did.

How long did it take for those nerves to go away?
They really didn’t. The first time I got the ball, that was the moment when it was like, ‘You’re OK. Everything’s going to be OK.’

What’s the biggest difference between fresh-soph ball and varsity?

The speed. It’s a lot faster.

Who on your team would you want to be like most?

Morgan Mammosser. When you watch a Rock Falls game, you automatically know she’s the leader on the team. She’s the point, and she takes charge of the game. I want to have that drive.

Do you play any other sports?

I play volleyball, and I run track.

What’s your favorite sport?

Volleyball. I’ve always loved volleyball. I think I have more going for me in basketball, though.

Do you listen to music to
get ready for games?

Yes. It’s usually rap. I like Little Wayne before a game. It just gets you pepped up and ready to go.

I believe it’s pronounced
Lil’ Wayne. Come on.
I’m the old guy here.

(laughs) Yeah ... You’re right.

What sports do you
watch on TV?

Football. I like watching the NFL.

What’s your team?

The Dallas Cowboys. I was named after them.

What Cowboy would you be the most nervous to meet?

Tony Romo. Just because he’s the quarterback.

I have to ask the tough questions. How hard was it to watch them come up short against the Redskins?

There was a lot of yelling at the house. Especially from my dad.

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