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AFC Students of the Month

Created: Saturday, January 5, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Senior Sarah Matson, 18, of Ashton, is AFC High School’s September Student of the Month. She is the daughter of David and Trista Matson. Her brother is Brian Treadwell, 19, and her sister is Rebekah Matson, 16.

Favorite class: Spanish III.

Top teacher: Mr. Stauffer.

Extracurriculars: Volleyball, basketball, softball, Student Council (president), National Honor Society (secretary), Book Club, musical.

After graduation: I will attend Wheaton College and major in elementary education.

Paycheck: Church cafe.

Best friend: My sister, Bekki.

Favorite musical group: Casting Crowns.

Favorite actor: Kirk Cameron.

Favorite movie: “Jane Eyre.”

Favorite TV show: “Duck Dynasty.”

Favorite food: Green beans.

Biggest fear: Tight spaces.

Least favorite class: Calculus.

Darts: Belching.

What kind of music makes your skin crawl? Heavy metal.

Haunts: My grandparents’ house.

Survival guide: Bible; it tells me what I need to know for life.

Useless knowledge: Women blink more than men.

I’m in the dictionary next to: Conservative.

People say I look like: My dad.

Personal trivia: I go to Minnesota on a fishing trip every summer.

Dream job: A missionary in Africa.

Trading places: No one; I am happy in my own shoes.

Read this: The Bible.

Shout out to: Tim Tebow, for standing up for what he believes in.

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