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  • The Kuro taste: Peppery tang and hint of squid ink

    TOKYO (AP) — The first Kuro, or black, burger had a black bun and sauce. Last year's edition, the Kuro Ninja, added a slice of (non-black) bacon to th ...
    Sept. 19, 2014 - 11:37 am
  • Tech devices changing the game for restaurants, diners

    From taco stands to sit-down restaurants, technology is changing the way we order, pay and even dine ...
    Sept. 17, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • Time for some tarragon

    Most herbs defy easy description. Trying to discuss the flavor of thyme or oregano leads only to vag ...
    Sept. 10, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • 7 delicious desserts with secret, healthy ingredients

    How do you hide black beans in brownies, chia seeds in pudding or avocado in truffles? Beat them into submission with a food processor.
    Sept. 8, 2014 - 12:10 pm
  • Rediscover the joy of campfire cooking

    The scents of wood smoke and burnt sugar remind many people of times spent around a campfire singein ...
    Sept. 3, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • Exercise yields academic success

    I’m a firm believer in mandatory physical education in schools. Maybe you hated gym class, but I remember it as an opportunity to learn the fundamenta ...
    Sept. 3, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • Study: Action-packed TV might make you snack more

    CHICAGO (AP) – Could action-packed TV fare make you fat? That’s the implication of a new study that ...
    Sept. 2, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • A new look for your lunchbox: Hummus

    What’s the first lunch lesson of the school year?Embrace hummus.Yes, it has a weird name (say it lik ...
    Aug. 27, 2014 - 4:14 pm
  • A new look for your lunchbox

    What’s the first lunch lesson of the school year? Embrace hummus.Yes, it has a weird name (say it li ...
    Aug. 27, 2014 - 1:15 am
  • 5 light beers to try

    As the peak of light beer season starts to vanish faster than the head of Miller 64, and the appeal of Bud Lime-a-Rita sinks even more, it’s time to f ...
    Aug. 27, 2014 - 1:15 am

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