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Too many criminals let off with slap on the wrist


I am the brother of Barbara Sanders, and I would like to know where the insanity stops and the punishment fits the crime?

My sister has stolen gas and food from a gas station, broke into her former employer's business and destroyed private property within that business, and stole two vehicles. The vehicles were stolen while she was out on her own recognizance.

Now, after all these felonies, she is given 60 days in jail concurrent with 60 days in jail and 30 months probation, plus restitution - not to mention the stress that she has put on the entire family trying to raise her three minor children.

When the children came to live with the family, they had nothing - no clothes, school supplies ... no nothing. The family has been responsible, with little help from the Division of Children and Family Services. DCFS has seen fit to drag their feet in this case, and let the family bear the expense and the hardship of raising three minor children, on no notice and very little cooperation from DCFS.

Child support is paid but is not going to the family members taking care of these children. The mother received public assistance even after the minor children were taken away.

I would like to know when Whiteside County is going to realize that the citizens of this county are tired of criminals running it. In closing, I hope that voters will take into account all the criminals that have been let off with a slap on the wrist, and this is coming from the brother of one of these criminals.

Thank you for your time.

Mark Sanders, Sterling

The bridge to nowhere


The governor is about to execute another huge error in releasing 16 maintenance workers at the Hennepin Canal Parkway. This will result in this state park being closed and its eventual outcome being in doubt.

Many folks in the surrounding region of the parkway benefit by being rejuvenated in the outdoors of this great state park. There is hiking; there is boating; there is fishing and a little camping.

Closing down that park will also, in a sense, make a "bridge to nowhere" out of the new Sinnissippi Dam Walkway project.

The governor goes further in his bad judgment. Castle Rock and also Lowden State Park are scheduled for closure.

There is only one chance to prevent this. Everyone must put pressure on their state senators and representatives on a continual basis until these closures are put to rest. The legislators have the power to prevent this. Please contact them.

Jerry Peterson, Mount Prospect

(part-time resident of Sterling)

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