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Hobby Lobby decision opens the floodgates

Published: Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014 1:15 a.m. CDT • Updated: Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014 8:29 a.m. CDT

The Supreme Court is out of control, issuing some of the most ridiculous decisions imaginable. If voiding portions of the Voting Rights Act by declaring racism no longer a problem in America wasn’t laughable enough, they then conjure up their unfathomable   Hobby Lobby decision.

What a ways we have come in a mere 20 years. Then, Native Americans were denied their religious freedom to observe sacred peyote ceremonies, secular drug laws being held much more sacred. Now, religious freedom trumps a secular law intended to deliver vital health care used by virtually all women, no matter how morally and intellectually bankrupt those religious beliefs might be.

Hobby Lobby believes four birth control methods induce abortion, contrary to all medical authorities who profess otherwise. The court ruled religious beliefs do not have to be reasonable or logical, just contrary to a law.  

Furthermore, Hobby Lobby invests retirement funds in the very companies that manufacture these “abortifacients.” Therefore, religious beliefs can be compatible with promoting the manufacturing of taboo substances, but contrary to the medical use of such substances under doctor’s orders.

This abysmal ruling opens the floodgates, not only to unlimited religious objections to providing health care, but also to any other law that offends religious sensibilities.

The root of this unseemly ruling? The legal fiction that corporations are people who can have religious beliefs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Has anyone ever seen a corporation in a house of worship?

If corporations are people, they must be slaves. Every corporation has an owner or owners. Slavery was outlawed 150 years ago. Thenceforth, corporations could no longer be people.

If corporations were people, many owners need to be prosecuted for manslaughter or murder. Begin with Mitt Romney, who made millions by stalking, sacking, sucking dry their lifeblood, dismembering, and killing corporations.

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