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Farmer and his pig operation make the news

Published: Saturday, June 21, 2014 1:15 a.m. CDT

Yet, again, farmer Koster and his pig operation are in the news. A state judge has ruled the operation on farmer Koster’s land doesn’t violate any rules regarding livestock, road setbacks, and the like. This means we may be treated, yet again, to the aromas from what he calls “old-school farming.”  

I’ve known a number of farmers. They’re among the nicest, most honest, hard-working, giving and diligent individuals. They also are among the most stubborn and arrogant and, as it relates to their land, it’s impossible to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do. This is a sacred subject with them.

I’m certain when Norm Koster was born, God looked at him and said to his guardian angel, “This one, this one here, is a farmer. It’s written all over him.”

Now I don’t know farmer Koster. I’ve never met him. In fact, I have never even seen his picture, nor do I care to. It would take the mystique out of this situation.

Farmer Koster has won the battle. He’s already stated he may, if he’s so inclined, start up the pig operation again. We have no recourse.

Our town officials should go to his house, knock softly on his door, and when farmer Koster opens it, they should fall to the ground in reverence and say, “You have won.” They should also suggest that since the pig operation appears to be a commercial operation, the farm should be rezoned from agricultural to commercial. 

At that point, farmer Koster may become faint because one thing farmers love almost as much as their family is their money. The only time a farmer wants his land zoned commercial is when he goes to sell it to a developer.

If farmer Koster puts up a ruckus, just say it’s for the greater good of his fellow citizens.

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