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Owners need to keep up their property

Published: Saturday, May 10, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

In reading the paper, I saw where someone doesn’t want to have rental property inspected. Imagine this. What do you have to hide?

My wife and I own our property, and a guy who owns the property [nearby] evidently doesn’t care about his property. A few years back, there was a big, old tree in the front yard. Limbs took down my wiring and to his property, also. The next time it was my car; next time it was my electric, again, plus my neighbors’. Instead of me talking to him, he had me talk to his insurance company. 

My neighbor’s house is missing shingles, the roof leaks, and look at the back side of the house – it’s falling apart. Then we have this guy who doesn’t want rental inspections. Could it be because you don’t want to fix up your property?

You make an income from people who live there, and some of you who own rental property get money from the government for those people to live in your rental property, but you feel like not doing anything for this money.

Inspections or road taxes? I like your reasoning, but you’re talking two different funds. Our taxes pay for road repairs, and rental property owners pay for their property repairs.

Listen to your tenants. Be a good rental property owner and talk with the neighbors who own property next to your rental property. How you care for your property and your tenants shows what you think of the neighbors and the neighborhood. 

No, we don’t need the inspectors; the renters of the rental property do, because the owners don’t want to live up to their obligations.

Property owners, no, we don’t want to hire inspectors on our dollars. But, we should hire inspectors on your dollars.

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