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Q&A with A.J. Murdock

Dixon baseball captain give back to community, wants to teach.

Published: Saturday, May 3, 2014 12:59 a.m. CDT

I know you play a couple sports, but which is your favorite.

Baseball. It's America's game, and I grew up with it. I didn't start playing it again until I was in sixth grade. I started playing tee-ball and then took some time off, and a family friend got me back into it.

What do you do to fill your free time when you're not playing sports?

I'm a local member of the United Way. One of my mom's friends, Sue Hohlen, got me into it, and she recently passed away, and I wanted to support her. I have batting gloves that support her, and I have a wristband with her name on it. I try to play every game for her. She is the one who got me to give back to the community and helped me out.

Personally, what do you get out of helping out at the United Way?

It helps with kids all around the area, and it's a charity group that we help around the community, and it's a great cause.

What is an average day like for you when you're at the United Way?

I haven't been out there too much recently, with baseball now and playing basketball in the winter, but in the fall I went over there, and I was in a picture that made it to a poster with the kids. It's a good cause. Helping out the community is a good thing.

Have you always been geared toward helping others?

Yeah. My mom has always liked me helping others before myself, and she always told me to be helpful and not selfish.

What would your dream job be? Is it along the lines of helping?

Probably to be a teacher, really. I guess I don't really have a dream job besides going to the minors [in baseball]. I don't really expect to go pro, but I just want to play in college baseball, and after that I want to coach at a high school that I teach at.

I'm going to Sauk [Community College] next year, and I'll be able to play baseball there for 2 years and get my Gen-Eds done, then hopefully play at a 4-year university.

You said you want to end up coaching and teaching. What subject would you like to teach?

It might sound funny, but I want to be a gym teacher. Possibly a weight-lifting adviser, so I can help young athletes get their bodies right, and be healthy for games, and help them out in the offseason as well.

Time for the fun stuff. Do you have a favorite food?

Mostly Italian, really. I like good pastas, and my mom always says it's a good meal before a game, and I believe her.

Favorite music?

Hip-hop. My favorite artist is Tyga. I'm into most of that rap stuff, it gets me pumped up.

What is on your music player that might surprise your friends?

Probably not much. I don't really have too much old stuff, but some new things might be surprising. Me and my friends always look online at new stuff and try to find different artists.

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