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‘No guns’ sticker is an invitation

Published: Saturday, March 22, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

I went to see my chiropractor downtown. At the door was a “no guns” sticker. I asked, Who put the sticker up? I was told that the building manager did.

I have to give a view on this. I was shot walking out of a military hospital, and I know these stickers don’t provide any more safety for citizens than before they went up.

In fact, what they do provide is what we referred to in the military as a “target-rich environment” for a shooter – meaning, there’s no one in the building to defend people inside. It’s an invitation.

No sticker is kind of like the sign, “Doberman on guard duty three times a week. You guess which times.” A cowardly shooter looking for a place where no one can shoot back will think twice if the building isn’t restricted to unarmed citizens.

I’m now compelled to find a new chiropractor because I was shot once due to someone else’s stupidity. To walk into the same environment and take the risk again, makes it my stupidity the second time.

I think everyone should at least have the opportunity to really assess the risk and safety provided by a window sticker. After all, as Earl Cook wrote last year, now we have cameras and cellphones; we don’t need people with guns.

The cameras can replay the carnage, and when seconds count, the police are only a minute away. When you’re hiding for your life, those seconds are really long.

I hope it never happens in this town. It can and does seem to happen anywhere people are crowded together. The Aurora, Colo., shooting was a “no gun zone.” That’s why it was chosen. It wasn’t the closest to the shooter’s home. 

Lawmakers are still hiding behind armed guards and metal detectors while we’re still not really protected.

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