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Rep. Bustos has failed to prove herself

Published: Thursday, March 20, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

It is interesting to note the power structures of triumvirates. Throughout history and in many countries, this form of government is used to consolidate the political power of the triumvirs and their supporters. 

In Illinois, we have Bustos and Sen. Dick Durbin as the base, and Obama and Quinn as the third element at the top. The incumbent congresswoman from the 17th District is asking for re-election. A vote for Bustos is a vote for all four.

Other than her role with Durbin as twiddle-dee or twiddle-dum, she has not distinguished herself. According to media reports, she has proved herself to be as evasive on the issues as Obama.

Her role with the Thomson prison is more accidental. She happens to be the representative for that district. She and Durbin both appear to be milking the issue. They are urging Congress to appropriate funds to operate the prison. No mention of when it will open. 

All four Democrats practice the art of governing by news release, basking in the limelight, never mind the suffering and pain of the unemployed waiting for the prison to open. More than a thousand jobs are at stake.

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