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Opposition wrong about abortion issue

Published: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

The opposition to my letter by Christopher Harrison [“Disagrees with abortion-rights writer’s reasons,” The Reader’s Voice, March 6] was full of incorrect information.  

Starting the letter, he makes an analogy to show my “terrible reasoning.” His analogy against my point ironically showed that he didn’t even get the point. There’s a vast difference between the two, and it’s simple: One harms a person, the other doesn’t. 

It’s not true an embryo is a human right away. It isn’t even a mammal. It’s simply an unconscious tiny cluster of cells. Stepping on an ant, which feels pain, is closer to murder. 

Consciousness, the act of being awake and aware. Memories, the recollection of previous events. These two things are what make us who we are as people. Same with other mammals and even reptiles. No two are the same. 

However, the fetus doesn’t have any of this. And there isn’t uncertainty on this. It’s not a person. It’s just developing cells, nothing more. A baby, even just seconds old, is conscious. 

Don’t say you’re on the side of life. You’re not. Following your point, you clearly stated that we should impede the rights of other people to live like everyone else. But like every other bigoted person objecting to equal marriage, you act as if it’s you who’s under attack. 

Marriage wasn’t invented by, nor is it owned by, Christianity. It’s not time-tested. It was changed many times. Many biblical marriages had one man and numerous wives. It also depicted the wives as nothing more than objects. This has, thankfully, changed. 

Our Founding Fathers were deists, and most of them shared disdain toward the Bible. Especially Jefferson. It was the Bible that was used to impede all our secular advancements and rights. You can think whatever you want is true. But please don’t lie to justify shoving it down people’s throats.

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