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Owners pay fair wages and keep country going

Published: Friday, March 7, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

In response to Mr. Bork’s letter [“Pay workers $10 an hour; they’re worth it,” The Reader’s Voice, Feb. 22], he must live in the sand. Every business owner I know has worked to establish a good business, teaching employees to do the work assigned to them.

I started in the propane business at $3.75 an hour 39 years ago. I was happy to have a job that winter. I farmed in the spring and summer. Business people I know, farmers, electricians, veterinarians, excavators, carpenters, furnace companies, undertakers, accountants, brick layers, propane companies, truckers, auctioneers, restaurant owners, ice cream shops, appliance stores, body shops, barbers, beauty salons, chiropractors, landscapers, photographers, bus companies and many more, all run their own businesses and pay a fair wage. Some people out there aren’t worth a dollar an hour. 

My wife is 75 years old and works in the business buying as much as 20 semi loads of propane in one day with no more than 2 days off since Oct. 1. For your information, Mr. Bork, I don’t know of one greedy person in business. They are all good, generous people, helping their communities.

Mr. Bork, get your head out of the sand and respect the good business people who provide good-paying employment for the deserving people who work for them.

Keep the government out of our business. We pay a lot of taxes. The small business owners keep this country going.

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