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Rest of story on village’s water outage

Published: Saturday, March 1, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

I would like to clarify some of the facts in the article [“Main break results in water outage; Tower completely drained”] written by David Giuliani, published Feb. 22.

The “woman” who answered the phone on Feb. 21 when Kathy Stone called Lyndon Village Hall about the water outage was me.

I am Wanda Francis, and I have been the village treasurer for 11 years. Clerk Shelly Moore was inundated with following the procedures necessary to issue a boil order, and I was trying to help her by answering phone calls.

I answered Ms. Stone’s call and politely gave her all the information she needed to know, just as I did for the 200 other residents who called or came into our office that day.

Of all callers, Kathy Stone is the only one who demanded to know exactly where the water main break was, which is when I asked whether she was going to call the EPA, since she has done that in the past.

Clerk Moore had already made that call. As usual, Ms. Stone didn’t tell the “whole story.”

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