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Disagrees with abortion-rights writer’s reasons

Published: Thursday, March 6, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

After reading Steve Lopez’s “Don’t approve of abortion? Don’t have one” letter [dated Feb. 22] and seeing the terrible reasoning he gave for that position, I had to write.

Hey, if you don’t want to cut down your neighbor’s house for your firewood, fine. But don’t tell me I can’t, OK? (Ridiculous, right?)

Stating that we “have to determine what kind of life you are describing,” he acts as if we aren’t sure it is human life that is developing in the mother. It is fact that it is human life; every time, the mother will find it’s a human baby that develops, not a cat, a cow or something else.

Then, he effectively says if it isn’t “conscious,” it isn’t alive, and “we have no evidence supporting the consciousness of an embryo.” Astounding.

How conscious is a baby who is 2 days old? Two months old? More or less than a fetus that is 2 months old? If we assume, as you do, for a moment that we are not certain of “consciousness” of the developing fetus, shouldn’t civilized people protect the defenseless, and err on the side of life? 

Switching subjects, he says that Mr. Becker objects to homosexuals’ “deserved rights.” Apparently, homosexuals should have the right to impose on everyone else their desired new definition of the basic, time-tested, and, yes, God-ordained building block of culture. Where do they get that “right”?

So, whose code should we live by?

The reason our freedom is in jeopardy is indeed because of that philosophy being forced on us all that says, “No one’s code is right.” According to them, especially not the code that the Founders clearly favored, and has served us and the world so much better than any other for so many years – the Bible.

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