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United Nations seeks to exploit climate change

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 1:15 a.m. CDT • Updated: Monday, April 7, 2014 8:51 a.m. CDT

Climate change is now blamed for global warming and global cooling. What else is new? I thought we always knew that. Isn't that the nature of our planet since the moment of its creation?

According to the alarmists, the recent extreme winter and record icecaps are the result of global warming. And global warming causes hotter summers. Therefore, wealthier nations must agree, by treaty, to pay for the fight to combat climate change.

Let me try to understand. Hotter summers and colder winters are the result of global warming – or climate change. So, does that mean if we combat global warming, we'll have cooler summers and warmer winters? Duh.

Does that mean we'll have no more climate change? Do alarmists really think man has that kind of power? There's a beneficial reason for climate change. Did God (Gaia, for you atheists) err in his creation?

For those who don't like climate change, there are regions where the climate stays fairly constant. They should go there, and leave us alone. 

Don't claim scientific consensus or that the debate is closed. True science is always open to debate. If there were consensus in science, we'd still believe the Earth was flat and the sun revolves around the Earth. 

Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a political hoax pushed by leftist liberals (progressives). Alarmists are almost all Democrats. Believers on the left; deniers on the right. That proves it's all political – about power and control of the people – and goes along with the U.N.'s one-world ideology.

They don't believe in borders, nor the sovereignty of nations. The U.N. has its own constitution, eager to put us all under its tyrannical thumb. Many low-information voters are easily duped into voting for these anti-Americans to political office.

True patriots know our Constitution is the law of the land. We need no other.

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