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The List: Do you like any of your chores?

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 3:12 p.m. CST

Who likes chores? We avoid them. We put them off. OK, maybe you don't, but I've been guilty of that from time to time.

Some household tasks, though, are a little more enjoyable than others.

A couple of the better ones:

1. Shoveling snow. Like everyone else, I want this winter over – now. With shoveling, though, I feel like I accomplish something. You can clearly see the results of your work, unlike, say, dusting. It's also fun to see your driveway look better than that of the neighbor with the fancy snowblower.

2. Mowing the lawn. Until lately, I had lived in an apartment for a few years. So maybe I'm just nostalgic for something I haven't done in, well, years. But it's more than that. When my mom asked for a volunteer to cut the grass, I stepped forward and cranked up the mower. It's like shoveling snow – that whole sense-of-completion thing.

A couple of chores that I don't like:

1. Washing the dishes. You have a nice dinner, then you feel lazy. You don't want to do anything the rest of the night. But then there are the dishes. They have to get done. Sooner the better, or they'll get tougher to clean. Yes, you can soak them, but you might as well finish the job then.

2. Taking out the trash. This is one of the easiest jobs around the house. Yet I will pack in as much stuff as possible into the kitchen trash container – absurd amounts – before I empty it, especially in the winter. So let me shovel the path for someone else to take care of the trash.

David Giuliani is a news editor for Sauk Valley Media. You can reach him at dgiuliani@saukvalley.com or 800-798-4085, ext. 525. Follow him on Twitter: @DGiuliani_SVM.

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