Language of patriotism isn’t only English

Hey, Republicans. What language do you think the kids in Puerto Rico sing “America the Beautiful” in during their school assemblies? 

Ever hear of Chamorro? It’s the native language of Guam, another U.S. territory. They sing in Guam on occasion, whether they have your permission or not. 

There’s also about 250,000 Amish who speak Pennsylvania Dutch, 8,000 native Inuit-speaking Eskimos up there in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, thousands of Acadians who speak Cajun and Creole French down in Bobby Jindal country out on the bayou, and the Lord only knows how many American Indians still communicating with one another in their native languages on what is left of their land.

This idea that they can’t sing “America the Beautiful” in their own way makes anyone’s racist ideal of America a very ugly place populated by very ugly people.