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Praises area for honesty, generosity

Published: Friday, Feb. 14, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

To the people of the Twin Cities area:

On Feb. 5, I was shopping at Save-A-Lot in Rock Falls for a lunch item. A few hours later, I was told to stop on the way home at ALDI for milk.

Now, being married for 50 years, I’ve learned to do as I’ve been told without question. I located the milk and decided to also purchase a jar of cheese spread, and then proceeded to the checkout where I was in line behind a lady with one-half of her cart full. She insisted I go ahead of her, which I did.

As I waited, I reached for my money clip – it was gone. I told the cashier, as I sat my items on the counter behind me, that I lost my money. I was about to leave when the lady behind me stopped me to offer to buy my items. I smiled and said, “No, thank you,” but she insisted twice more. I again declined her offer with a smile.

Then a lady, which was just finishing bagging her groceries, walked over and stopped me and offered twice to pay for my groceries. I said, “Thanks, but no,” with a smile and left.

I then returned to Save-A-Lot in Rock Falls to see whether I was lucky enough to find my money clip, with my driver’s license. The cashier smiled as I approached and informed me that after I left, the second customer handed her my clip, which she placed in their office. She retrieved it and it was handed to me exactly as I left it. Yes, I bought the milk there.

People in Rock Falls and Sterling are not only honest but giving to someone they don’t even know. I still can’t quit from smiling, every time I think of it. Thank you, ladies.

Note to readers: Dave Leonard, a business owner in Rock Falls for the past 30-plus years, has lived for the past 20-plus years in Sterling.

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