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Vote Rauner out in primary

Published: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 1:15 a.m. CST

I want to tell you about Bruce Rauner, the so-called politician who wants to change Springfield.

This information is from a union newsletter.

Rauner says he’s an “outsider” to public service, but he’s spent decades soliciting public pension fund dollars for his hedge funds to invest for a handsome fee. He received millions in Pennsylvania pension dollars to invest – after a $300,000 campaign contribution to that state’s Democratic governor.

An Illinois company owned by Rauner paid a Teachers Retirement System board member more than $25,000 a month. Not coincidentally, his firm was selected to handle TRS pension dollars.

The guy Rauner plays on TV couldn’t be more divorced from who he really is. He doesn’t want voters to know he owns nine homes, claimed tax breaks on three – even though he’s entitled to just one. He lives in a fancy suburb, falsely claimed residency in Chicago, called a top school official and got his daughter “clouted in” to a highly regarded public high school.

Rauner wants to be governor to wipe out labor unions and destroy what little remains of the middle class – all while steering more money to him and his friends.

Vote him out in the primary.

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