Score one for the good guys

An alert and informed public helps police officers fight crime. When Dixon Police asked for help in identifying suspects who illegally used debit cards, the public came through. Score one for the good guys.

Last week, the Dixon Police Department asked the public for help.

The public responded, and the police have their man (and woman).

Hurray for public involvement and strong support of community policing!

We speak of the short news item released by Dixon Police about a week ago. Dixon authorities sought the public’s help to identify two suspects, a man and a woman, who used a debit card illegally on several occasions in July.

The man was white and had a shaved head.

Little was said about the woman’s description.

But a blurry photo accompanied the news release.

That photo appeared in Sauk Valley Media’s print and online publications and social media site.

Some people saw it in the Telegraph and Daily Gazette. Others viewed it on Still others checked it out on Sauk Valley Media’s Facebook page.

In all, thousands of people got a look at a picture that showed the profile of a guy in a tank top and baggy jeans, with his head covered, standing at an ATM machine. Nearby stood the woman, head covered, carrying some kind of shoulder bag and maybe a backpack.

No faces were shown in the photo.

But the images were enough to generate good leads for police.

In Tuesday’s paper, SVM carried the news that Dixon Police said they had positively identified the two suspects. Their names will be released later, after the investigation is finished.

An alert and informed public can be a tremendous asset both in solving criminal acts and preventing crime.

The identification of the debit card theft suspects proves it.

Score one for the good guys.