Health official commends local volunteers

A young teen girl has spearheaded for the past year or so a program through her church at New Life Lutheran Church in Sterling. Faith Sandrock, with the help of her church, family, and friends, has delivered diapers, wipes, clothing, blankets, and other needed baby items to our health department case management program for babies in need.

This past year, she was able to get her school involved and, thanks to the Montmorency Student Council and Mr. Hanson, they also delivered baby items to the health department to help us continue being able to help families out with needed baby items.

We are so grateful to see young people of all ages getting involved in this effort and giving to others. Good job and thanks to all.

Christmas also is made brighter by so many. This year at the health department, we had many calls from businesses in the area, staff members, and private individuals wanting to adopt a family for Christmas. Your giving to others is to be praised and commended.

Those families appreciate the uplifting attention you give to them. The need gets bigger every year in our area due to our economy and families losing jobs, or medical illnesses hitting them. The kindness and compassion shown by all of you is the true spirit of Christmas reflected in you.

Note to readers: Pam VanderVinne is a registered nurse and case management coordinator at the Whiteside County Health Department.