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Snow removal plight options

Published: Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 1:15 a.m. CDT

I sympathize and empathize with the lady whose empty driveway was filled by ice and snow that was unappreciated. I’ve experienced similar activity. I’d like to share a few thoughts.

Snow might fill a driveway when it flutters down from clouds, blown by strong winds, or from a passing snow plow. If it happened a day after paying to have it cleared, what might a person do?

Appearing from either of the first two actions, some would pay to have the new snow removed, as many times as it happened. Why not just sigh and pay to have it removed after the third cause, too? Don’t blame the snowplow driver. What choices does he have? Her clear driveway doesn’t do much good if the street is impassable.

Next time, consider waiting until the street has been cleared before having her drive cleared. If cost is a problem, perhaps she could receive volunteer help. (Do Boy Scouts still look for good deeds?) Check with her insurance agent to see whether she’s liable for accidents to volunteers on her property.

If she can’t afford to pay for removing snow, no matter how it got there, she might get rides from friends or neighbors. A few taxi rides might be cheaper. Lee-Ogle Transportation System (LOTS) does a good job, quite reasonably.

Maybe the person who first cleared her driveway would do it for a fixed amount for the whole winter, as many times as needed. That would be sort of snow-removal insurance.

Maybe some group such as the Lee County Council on Aging could serve as a clearing house, matching needy folks with volunteers for snow removal. We’ve read about a need for things for teens to do.

I appreciate the policeman who came to her rescue, and also others who do good deeds. May their tribe increase.

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