Health reform older than Mitt

Kathryn Bonnell’s letter to the editor, “Send more Democrats to Congress,” dated Jan. 4, is heavy on the ancient history of Obamacare. 

She ascribes the idea of health care reform to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Actually, this was a debate issue in 1955 when I was a high school senior on a debate team.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, resurfaced the idea in 1989. Then Paul Starr, a senior adviser to Bill Clinton, made it into a main issue for Hillary Clinton’s husband, who, in an unprecedented act, appointed his wife as head of a task force on National Health Care Reform in September 1993. 

Romney was elected governor in 2006. It was not a Republican idea, unless you call the Heritage Foundation a Republican think tank. I know it as a conservative institute/foundation.

In any event, Romney, the supposed originator of the idea, was defeated – so much for that idea. What has remained consistent is the manner in which this idea came to since 1989.

Hillary held secret proceedings.

Obamacare emerged as a secret piece of legislation and remained so after the congressional vote.

If this is the way you prefer to be governed, then, by all means, send more Democrats to Congress.

The Republican rank and file will continue to counter all efforts to subvert the Constitution of the United States and defeat the rule by executive order by this administration.