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Many have benefited from union workers

Published: Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Regarding unions, it appears to be either a well-kept secret or maybe a little-known fact, but members of unions are taxpayers, too.

Many times, whether it is the writer of the recent letter, politicians, or the media’s disparaging remarks, unions are referenced as the sole cause or the primary cause of the nation’s ills. Corporate greed is responsible for the erosion of the middle class, benefits, etc., not unions.

Unions have fought and continue to fight for all workers. Everyone has the right to organize and form a union since the 1935 National Labor Relations Act.

Contrary to popular, or rather, false beliefs, union workers work for a living, just like “regular” workers. History indicates that unions have greatly helped “regular” workers with improvement of working conditions and establishing laws that are friendly to working families.

Union workers provide many services that everyone relies on each day. Union workers include firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, teachers, mental health workers, nurses, etc.

Ronald Reagan was president of the Screen Actors Guild for 10 years and was instrumental in the establishment of residuals as well as insurance for actors. He benefited from his affiliation with the Screen Actors Guild for years. 

Unions are the people who brought America the weekend and the 40-hour work week. 

Note to readers: Linda LeBlanc is a union member.


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