A glorious presence in Bethlehem

Who are you seeking? Is the divine hiding in his humanity? Of course, in the womb of his mother, Mary. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. 

Mary's “yes” to the announcement of the angel Gabriel, and Jesus is hidden in Mary's womb. 

Joseph protects and cares for Mary with child. He knows Mary's secret. She has a divinity and humanity of life in her womb. 

O holy night, O night divine.

The baby is asleep in the manger's bed. The divine is present. The humanity is at rest. 

The mother rests. Gentle Joseph watches. Joseph works at his chores, keeping mother Mary warm with her beautiful baby boy. O little town of Bethlehem. How still. How peaceful. 

The night sky twinkles with perfect diamond stars. Angels by the multitude chorus "Glory to God." What glorious presence of our savior. 

Even the rough, unkempt shepherds cautiously approach the stable to seek and see the little one. Such hide and seek. So divine. 

The wise men notice the beaming star. They go. Where? To Bethlehem. Why? To find and seek; to worship and give gifts. This child is true God's true man. Imitate the three kings.

To you, a merry, joyful, peaceful Christmas. Love among all on earth.