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Unions cost the taxpayers more and more

Published: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Regarding unions, we have many people working with benefits and making more money than those who are not represented by a union. Normal everyday workers working without representation make less and have no benefits.

What’s the difference between union workers and normal everyday workers? They all show up for work. They all do their jobs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get paid, right?

Many years ago, most who had a job had a union and had benefits. Now it’s no union, no benefits. When there is a wage and benefit negotiation, who pays for all those hours spent discussing these? When there is a walkout, how much does it cost those who are impacted?

People complain about what our president does. People complain about what our governor does. Unions are costing taxpayers more and more at every table sitting.

Years ago, workers were union workers, and others were employees. Now, we have more employees than union workers. Isn’t it time we have either workers or employees?

Since we have more employees, then shouldn’t we have only employees in all levels of any workplace? What makes any government entity different from any other workplace?

Either way, we have people working to make a paycheck. 

President Reagan started the trend of breaking unions, and he was once a president of a union. So why do we need a union? Either way, workers are workers.

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