Student of the Month: Allison Furr

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013 8:30 a.m. CDT
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Newman September Student of the Month Allison Furr plans to attend Sauk Valley Community College, then transfer to a university, and then attend vet school. Anatomy is Furr’s favorite class. “I like to learn about how the body works and learning new information,” she said.

Allison Furr, 17, a senior at Newman Central Catholic High School, is the September Student of the Month. The Rock Falls resident is the daughter of Doug and Sally Furr. Her siblings are Tyler Joel, 25, of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Zac Furr, 21, of Rock Falls; Mitch Furr, 19, of Nashville; and Luke Furr, 15.

Favorite class: Anatomy. I want to be a vet, so this class is very interesting for me. I like to learn about how the body works and learning new information.

Top teacher: Elroy Wylde; he teaches AP History. He is just so fun and makes us work hard, but still cuts us some slack. I actually learned some information in his class, instead of just learning it for the test and forgetting it. I still remember a lot of the things we talked about. 

Extracurriculars: I’m involved in tennis (co-captain), Key Club (president), math club, scholastic bowl, National Honor Society, and a Kairos Leader.

After graduation: I am going to attend Sauk Valley Community College, then transfer to a university, and then to vet school.  

Paycheck: Air Play Sports and Espresso, making coffee and scones.

Favorite singer or musical group: I like a variety of music and don’t have a favorite.  

Favorite movie: All Harry Potter movies.

Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, watching TV, and spending time with animals.

Favorite game or outdoor activity: I don’t like to be outdoors. 

Favorite food: Chocolate.

Biggest fear: The death of my cat. 

Least favorite class: English.

What makes your blood boil? When people drive below the speed limit. 

What kind of music makes your skin crawl? Rap.

Where are some of the places you like to hang out? Happy Tails Humane Society, because I love spending time with the animals, especially all the cats. Also, all of us volunteers are one big family and we always have a great time.  

What is the key to surviving high school? Staying busy with activities and not getting mixed up with the wrong people. 

What is the one thing you learned in school that you think you will never use? Poetry.

I’m in the dictionary next to: Busy. I am always doing something. I’m either working on homework, at work, at the animal shelter, or doing something for an extracurricular.

Personal trivia: I bottle-feed baby kittens in the summer and on weekends. 

Trading places: I would be my cat. She gets to sleep and relax all day. She doesn’t have anything to worry about or stress about. I am so busy. I would just love to relax and do nothing for once.  

Trading spaces: I would go to Myrtle Beach to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law.

Read this: All Harry Potter books. They are so entertaining and have many life lessons that can be taken from them.  

Shout out: Hi, everyone!


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