Website redesigned for all digital users comments section also improved

A redesigned launches today to provide the reader with a better user experience on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Still with an emphasis on local news, the new website of Sauk Valley Media helps readers to find news that’s important to them with better visual cues. The website’s responsive design ensures that readers will see the same important stories and headlines, regardless of the device they are using to visit

The website still features more local news, photography and videography about the Sauk Valley than any other website.

Navigation across the top of the homepage has been improved to better guide readers through the website, and story pages now include more opportunities for readers to access the top news on without having to hit the back button. also has made improvements to story commenting on the website.

The new features allow story commenters to respond directly to a comment in a thread and allow for better self-policing of the comments section.

Users can flag comments as offensive, off-topic or spam. If a comment is flagged enough times, it becomes hidden to users and subject to review. Commenters also can “like” a comment similar to “liking” a post on Facebook.

Rules for posting on have not changed. Repeat offenders are subject to expulsion. However, comments are no longer restricted to 48 hours after a story publishes.

Livefyre offers commenters the opportunity to register and create a profile with an existing social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Readers without such an account will need to register and create a profile with Livefyre to participate in story commenting.

That registration is different from any registration you might already have done through

You do not need to register to view comments.




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