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Use windfall to help keep school open

Published: Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

What? Does someone need to be hit on top of their head? The front page of the Telegraph said, Should we [close], or maybe we are closing [Lincoln] school because the schools are $1.48 million in debt.

Or the other solution is to cut the salaries of teachers, or people who care about the children, to make their lives more stressful, which will affect the children of Dixon. Do you forget that Dixon, the city, just made the paper for getting $40 million or so in money back? 

Where are your heads? Spend it on the future of Dixon – not the Riverfront, but the children. And if you think their parents should take care of them – big surprise – most parents, grandparents, and a lot of other grownups do support them.

Nobody expected to get that money back. Why is there any question about what to do with it? Everyone wonders why the children in this town get in trouble. What do our children have to do in this town? Where can they go to have fun? The YMCA? If you can afford to get in.

Don’t get me wrong. I really applaud the people who take their time and money to support all the sports events that Dixon has.

It was amazing how the people of Dixon made the voluntary football field for the junior high football players.

Al Morrison and the coaches of the high school baseball team also need great praise for their work. It’s amazing how much effort some people do for the children.

Why would anyone close a school when they just got money back that they never thought they would? Doesn’t anyone remember the bullying that went on with younger kids at Reagan, and now you want them back there?

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