Consider the many arguments against abortion

Mr. Geiger, in his recent letter regarding abortion [“Letter writer would impose views on others,” The Reader’s Voice, Oct. 29], has failed to recognize the weight of arguments against the procedure.

Having an abortion is not simply controlling one’s own body; it is killing the body of another human being. Saying that there is no such human life disregards the modern biological evidence.

It is now known that conception, uniting sperm and ovum in a new organism, takes place before quickening and before implantation. Some would say that the ability to survive independently defines life, but it is absurd to say that dying proves one was never alive.

It is also true that the freedom of women not to have abortions has been brutally violated in China and elsewhere, and the pressure that can be put on minor girls to have abortions by those closest should not be underestimated.

Sex-selected abortions, because males are preferred, promote the social degradation of women, as well.