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Consult people to help decide budget outcome

Published: Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

After receiving a letter from AARP with petitions to our representatives and senators to protect my Social Security benefits, and watching the government take our next few months’ budget up to the last-minute bell, I was prompted to add a few thoughts of my own to said petitions.

I suggest that you, our representatives and senators, start right away to work on the budget, before January. Put aside your personal and party differences. Go home. Personally ask the people of your district what they want you to vote on.

Inform us on what is in the budget, all of it; essential, non-essential, and the fat. Who gets what? Who benefits?

Is it going to be significant to the future of the people of the U.S.? Are you sure?

Does it help the land mass and territories that are known as the United States of America, and protect the people of this grand land, that our husbands, brothers, fathers, and their fathers before them fought to protect and persevere?

Then, take an average of all the people; hopefully, from every economic and racial background. Go back to Washington, D.C., and hammer out a budget of the people, by the people. 

Talk, really talk, like you were really us – because you are.

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