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Law helps the uninsured get health policies

Published: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Assertions that the Affordable Care Act is tantamount to socialized medicine are an example of the misinformation that is being foisted on the public by those opposed to the president.

The Affordable Care Act simply provides a vehicle for those individuals, who do not have employer-provided health insurance, to purchase health insurance at an affordable cost. It does not tell anyone which doctor they must go to. It does not have “death panels” or any of the lies that have been perpetrated by the extreme regressive fringe.

Continuing with the present system is unsustainable. Uninsured individuals who get sick now go to the emergency room for care, which is the most expensive way to deliver health care. Everyone who is insured picks up the tab.

The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone accept the responsibility to purchase insurance that they can afford. The larger the pool of insured individuals, the lower the average cost of insurance will be. The act simply requires people to be responsible for their own health care instead of passing it off to someone else.

The Affordable Care Act also provides subsidies for those individuals who have very low incomes to purchase insurance.

It seems that those opposed to President Obama will stoop to any level to perpetrate lies and misinformation about him and his agenda.

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