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Water park for Dixon is a good idea

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

On Sept. 9 when I saw Colleen Brechon and Marilyn Trulock pull up to Memorial Pool, I had to walk over to see what was going on. They were getting ready for an interview with Channel 23 TV out of Rockford.

The front door of the pool was open, and the smell of chlorine wafted through the air. It brought back 40 years of memories.

We bought the house across the street. I loved watching the young and old enjoy the pool. I raised three boys, and what better place, with the pool in my front yard, a baseball park in my backyard, and the school only six blocks away. What better place to live?

After reading Mayor Burke’s suggestion in the paper the very next day, I could not agree more. Making a water park for everyone to enjoy makes perfect sense. As it is, the little ones enjoy the splash pad, but it doesn’t teach them to swim. The teenagers are too macho to go in it. It’s for kids – I can’t blame them.

When I go down to the boat docks at the end of the street, the water from the splash pad is not recycled on a hot day. It could probably water all the lawns in a four-block area including the parks. Instead, it goes into the river.

I think everyone should think about a water park and then build it. It would be good for everyone.

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