Retain Varga for Lee sheriff

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 1:15 a.m.CDT

Re-elect John Varga as Lee County sheriff. I think he has done a very good job for the county. There are always going to be some conflicts when you deal with other agencies or internal situations, but I think John has handled those situations with the greatest respect to those people and agencies.

This other gentleman running against John may have the qualifications for the job, but we need to realize he has already retired from one state job with a full pension and now wants this job to obtain another pension when he retires from this job in a few years.

I thing we have had enough double-dipping in this state that is deep in debt, and so I say, re-elect John Varga, and let him do the fine job he has been doing.

Most of us in our lifetime will only receive one pension, if that, and I think it is wrong for people to take advantage of a state or country that already has financial stress.

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