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Youth win fishing awards

Published: Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

MORRISON – The Whiteside County Fair was Aug. 13-17 at the Whiteside County Fairgrounds. Winners include:

Open Hobbies


Animal, bird or fowl: Carole D. Patton of Morrison; Sandy K. Deutscher of Fulton; and Tom Havens of Morrison.

Angels: Carole D. Patton; Megan M. Ingram of Lyndon; and Jane Heath of Morrison.

Paper weights: Sherry Venhuizen, Shelly Dennison, and Carole D. Patton, all of Morrison.

Salt and pepper shakers: Mark Zink of Rock Falls; Kimberly Keller of Fulton; and Carole D. Patton.

Toothpick holders: Carrol Farthing of Morrison and Beverly Peterson of Prophetstown.

Pink glassware: Ruth Ann Tervelt of Morrison; and Kimberly Keller and Sandra Keller, both of Fulton.

Rolling pins and snowmen: Sandra Keller and Kimberly Keller.

Small planters: Jean Tichler; Carole D. Patton; and Beverly Havens of Morrison.

Christmas tree ornaments: Angela Eagle of Fulton and Carole D. Patton.

Banks: Kimberly Keller and Ruth Ann Tervelt.

NASCAR collection: Mark Ottens of Morrison; Mark Zink; and Carol Jacobs of Sterling.

Newer tin collection: Carole D. Patton and Kimberly Keller.

Porcelain bells: Jean Tichler; Sandy K. Deutscher; and Carole D. Patton.

Teapots, best of show: Jean Tichler.

Miscellaneous, limit size: Jane Heath, Carrol Farthing, and Angela Eagle.

Miniature cups and saucers: Beverly Peterson of Prophetstown, Kimberly Keller and Sandra Keller.

Santa Claus Collection: Lawrence Neyrinck of Erie; Carole D. Patton; and Sandra Keller.

Bear collection, not stuffed: Kimberly Keller, Carole D. Patton, and Jane Heath.

Bud vases: Sandy K. Deutscher, Sandra Keller, and Carole D. Patton.

Plate collections on stands: Kimberly Keller, Sandra Keller, Sandy K. Deutscher.

Glass baskets: Jean Tichler, Kimberly Keller, and Sandra Keller.

Miniature tea sets: Jane Heath, Ruth Ann Tervelt, and Jean Tichler.


Spring scene: Tawny Wiersema of Morrison; Kaeli Kovarik of Tampico; and James S. Thicksten of Erie.

Winter scene: Molly Jacobs and Sue Devers.

Farm scene: Robert K. Cook of Morrison; James S. Thicksten; and Arlyn L. Pessman of Morrison.

Family: Bridget L. Eyrich of Morrison; and James S. Thicksten and Marcy Shank.

Wild animals or birds: Luellen Lee and Jordan Bush, both of Morrison.

Domestic animals: James S. Thicksten; and Julie Bogusiewicz of Rock Falls.

Flowers: Charlotte Combs of Fenton; and Luellen Lee.

Sunsets or sunrise: Brandon S. Shelton of Morrison.

Close-up, person: James S. Thicksten and Bridget L. Eyrich.

Bridge: James S. Thicksten and Robert K. Cook.

Spirit of America: Sue Devers; Sarah Swan of Fulton; and Katie Rider of Morrison.

Architecture: Ken Parkinson of Erie; and Kade Kovarik and Kaeli Kovarik, both of Morrison.

Clouds or storm clouds: Emalie Sterenberg of Morrison. 

Close-up other than person: Luellen Lee; James S. Thicksten; and Stephanie Folsom of Erie.

Child-life: Ken Parkinson, Stephanie Folsom, and Sue Devers.

Humorous: Deanna Coers of Rock Falls and Meredith L. Oostenryk of Morrison.

Landscape, seascape: Brandon S. Shelton.

Fall scene: Sue Devers and Jordan Bush.

Whiteside County Fair: Sue Devers, Charlotte Combs, and Marcy Shank.

Sports: Arlyn L Pessman; Gail Jacobsen of Fulton; and James S. Thicksten.

Something unusual, novelty: James S. Thicksten, Katie Rider, and Tawny Wiersema.

Miscellaneous: Jordan Bush, Deanna Coers, and Marcy Shank.

Summer scene: Robert K. Cook; Joy Barker of Rock Falls; and James S. Thicksten.

Enhanced or altered photography: Jordan Bush, James S. Thicksten, and Charlotte Combs.

Photography, picture of Whiteside County: James S. Thicksten; and Karen Merema of Fulton.

Black and White


Antique photographs, 75 years old: Beverly Peterson, James S. Thicksten, and Charlotte Combs.

Nature-nothing hand made: James S. Thicksten and Deanna Coers.

Farm scene: Julie Bogusiewicz, James S. Thicksten, and Bridget L Eyrich.

Domestic animal(s): James S. Thicksten.

Monument: James S. Thicksten and Charlotte Combs.

Close-up, person: Marcy Shank, Julie Bogusiewicz, and Karen Merema.

Sports, show action: James S. Thicksten, Gail Jacobsenon, and Stephanie Folsom.

Church: James S. Thicksten and Charlotte Combs.

Family: Stephanie Folsom, James S. Thicksten, and Charlotte Combs.

Close-up, other than person: Charlotte Combs.

Child-Life: James S. Thicksten, Katie Rider, and Charlotte Combs.

Miscellaneous: James S. Thicksten, Robert K. Cook, and Deanna Coers.

Wild animal or bird: Julie Bogusiewicz.


Portrait Or Figure: Julie Bogusiewicz; and Christie Wiersema of Morrison.

Drawing, ink, charcoal, etc., and floral watercolor: Julie Bogusiewicz.

Acrylic, includes markers: Christie Wiersema; Heather Donahue of Sterling; and Julie Bogusiewicz.

Abstract painting, bird or animal and lead pencil: Julie Bogusiewicz.

Miscellaneous: Geralyn Nash of Sterling and Kathy Deluca-Strunk of Morrison.


Glass beads: Geralyn Nash; Candace M. Buikema of Rock Falls; and Daniele Rossi of Sterling.

Leather strap necklace with beads, shells, and stone beads, metal beads sets, necklace and earrings: Geralyn Nash and Candace M. Buikema,

Beaded bracelet: Geralyn Nash; Valerie Shierry of Morrison; and Candace M. Buikema.

Miscellaneous: Tom Havens, Geralyn Nash, and Candace M. Buikema.


Holiday arrangement: Kimberly Keller; Brenda S. Oosterhouse of Morrison; and Carol Jacobs.

Artificial flower arrangement or centerpiece: Sandra Keller, Carol Jacobs, and Kimberly Keller.

Decorated jars: Beverly Havens, Daniele Rossi, and Julie Bogusiewicz,

Decorated wreath: Kimberly Keller; Jean Eggemeyer of Morrison; and Michelle Shears of Rock Falls.

Cookie cutters: Sandra Keller, Kimberly Keller, and Jean Tichler.

Small handmade wood article: Frank Belt and Jim Dykstra, both of Morrison.

Key chains: Marla Vos of Morrison.

Large handmade wood article: Arlyn L. Pessman.

Handmade woodcarving: James Camp of Morrison.

Wild animal collection, not stuffed: Carole D. Patton.

Avon bottles: Jean Tichler and Kimberly Keller.

Handmade greeting card: Carol Jacobs and Candace M. Buikema.

Miscellaneous: James Camp; and Stephanie A. Shelton and Ikey Engelkens, both of Morrison.


Miscellaneous: Shelly Dennison; Gary Middleton of Morrison; and Angela Eagle.

Blue graniteware: Carrol Farthing, Megan M. Ingram, and Jean Tichler.

Depression glass: Jean Tichler, Sandra Keller, and Kimberly Keller.

Old milk bottles: Gary Middleton, Kimberly Keller, and Sandra Keller.

Vinegar cruets: Sandra Keller, Jean Tichler, and Kimberly Keller.

Milk glass: Beverly Peterson, Jean Tichler, and Carole D. Patton.

Antique tin collection: Sandra Keller, Jean Tichler, and Kimberly Keller.

Most interesting antique: Mike Shears, Gary Middleton, and Kimberly Keller.

Antique clock: Mark Ottens, Jean Tichler, and Carole D. Patton.

Small hand tools: Linda Blumoff and Clayton Deter, both of Morrison; and Kimberly Keller.

Antique toy: Kimberly Keller and Sandra Keller.

Cast iron item: Kimberly Keller, Gary Middleton, and Shelly Dennison,

Whiteside County Fair memorabilia: Gary Middleton and Kelsey Middleton, both of Morrison.

Old kitchen tools: Kimberly Keller, Beverly Havens, and Sandra Keller.

Yellow enamelware: Megan M. Ingram and Jean Tichler.


Crochet granny: Valerie Shierry.

Crochet Ripple: Jean Tichler; and Lavonne Huizenga of Morrison.

Crochet, two or more stitches: Arlene Keller and Lavonne Huizenga, both of Morrison.

Any other crocheted afghan: Darlene Weltzin of Morrison; and Arlene Keller.

Miscellaneous: Phyllis Dykhuizen of Sterling and Sandy K. Deutscher.

Infants Afghans

Crochet granny and crochet shell stitch: Jean Tichler.

Crochet any other: Darlene Weltzin.


Any other infants afghan: Jean Tichler.

Any other size infants afghan: Lavonne Huizenga, and Valerie Shierry.

Bed Quilts

Machine pieced plus 11: Cheryl Mylin; and Nancy K. Hook of Morrison.

Machine quilted and Judges Choice Award: Cheryl Mylin of Galt, bed quilt.

Tied comforter: Mary Vos of Morrison.

Small Bed Quilt

Pieced: Nancy Henningsen of Chadwick and Carol Onken of Morrison.

Machine quilted: Carol Onken and Mary Vos.

Tied comforter: Mary Vos and Ashley Stralow, both of Morrison.

Child’s Quilt

Machine appliqué, embroidery or crossstitch pieced: Mary Vos and Nancy K. Hook.

Machine quilted: Cheryl Mylin, Mary Vos, and Beverly Havens.

Tied comforter: Mary Vos.

Wall Hanging

Pieced: Nancy Henningsen; Carrol Farthing; and Christy Abell of Tampico.

Fused appliqué and quilted items, miscellaneous: Linda Ebersole of Rock Falls.



Trucks: Matt Ward of Prophetstown; and Robert Edwards.

Midsize: Jimmy Muntean, first, and Bob Bertolozzi, third, both of Rock Falls.

Midsize Special Weld: Jessie Lilly of Morrison; Dylan Willet of Rock Falls; and Logan Wilkins of Morrison.

Compact: Jamie Bertolozzi of Rock Falls; Mart Wegenter of Morrison; and Tyler Klein of Savanna.

Full size wire: Scott Shepard of Morrison.

Full size weld: Jake Benters and Dail Blasdell, both of Morrison.

Full size special weld: Jason VanderEide of Morrison; and Troy Wagenecht, (third) of Milledgeville.

Jake Marsden Wild Driver Award: Jason VanderEide.

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