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Work together in support of community

Published: Monday, Sept. 9, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

Depot Days is the flagship annual celebration for the city of Amboy. People come from all over. History indicates that besides being a fun event, it is a progressive, watershed, economic triumph for our whole community every year.

The sidewalk on Main Street was in bad disrepair. It needed to be replaced to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act in time for Depot Days.

These were extraordinary circumstances. Conventional wisdom about making sausage applies. It might not have been according to Hoyle, but the sidewalks were completed in time. Instead of caving in to the challenges, Mayor Tom Nauman drew strength from them.

This is actually an internal conflict, an honest difference of approach to political and policy challenges from two varying concepts of leadership. Councilwoman Hoy wanted things done right. The mayor is responsible for the day-to-day government of the village. Mayor Nauman defeated both detractors quoted in the story.

We should be candid when our views do not coincide. Practically speaking, challenging the nominal head of government may be good politics, but it is bad management. The right time for this is during a campaign, not days before the most important event of the year for the city.

We all have a common purpose: a well-ordered society, a better community in which our kids can thrive and be all they can be.

Let us move beyond the appearance of a “house divided,” the mini disputes, and the bickering. Let us focus instead in identifying constructive policies to build the city of Amboy, together, in a collaborative, businesslike fashion.

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