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Base hires on abilities, not connections

Published: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

My child brought a letter home from Merrill School. It proceeds to inform families how Merrill School hasn’t met the adequate yearly progress (AYP) for at least 3 years in reading.

It would make sense to look at what reading program or how was reading being instructed in years prior to not meeting the AYP. The government continues to push the new Common Core Standards and, prior to that, No Child Left Behind without providing monetary assistance to put programs in place.

Rock Falls District 13 has hired many new teachers within the last couple of years, so how many of them brought real-world experience with them in order to assist with rectifying this problem?

From what I’ve seen and others have said, many new teachers are just that – recent graduates with absolutely no experience in teaching our children other than a semester of student teaching.

A person can learn a great deal from being a substitute or classroom assistant, but because some of these “new” teachers were related to or good friends of a staff member or administrator, they were almost guaranteed a position and didn’t have to prove they are worthy of teaching our children.

Maybe to resolve the situation of not making adequate progress, they should take a fresh look at their hiring process. Hiring first-year teachers with no experience is going to save the district money, but it’s costing our children their education. Teachers should be hired based on experience, not who their relatives are.

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