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Busing can be unfriendly for little students

Published: Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Pretend you’re a young child entering kindergarten. You’re so excited at all of the first-time things you’ll be experiencing.

You get up and get ready for school like the rest of the kids. You head out the door for your first day; you’re the happiest child in the world.

Your family has said you’ll be going on a bus, so you’re excited. You head to the bus stop, and as you kiss your family goodbye and get put onto the bus, your excitement grows.

Suddenly the bus pulls up to a school and you’re told you need to get onto another bus with a large number on it ... maybe 22 or 23. You get off your bus and as you stand there in the hustle and bustle, you realize you’re only 5 and have no clue what that large number looks like.

Suddenly you panic. This is the first time ever getting on and off the bus to hunt for another bus with an unrecognizable number. All of a sudden your excitement is gone. You don’t like the buses, you don’t like school anymore, and you stand there and cry.

Thankfully, another parent is walking by, sees you’re just a little child and that you’re upset, and escorts you onto your bus.

Thank you for pretending with me. Now, please imagine this is how our little kindergartners feel who have to ride the bus in this area. Dixon schools need to change their bus routes or accommodate better to the young children riding the buses.

Put a picture on the back of the bus or something. Especially at the beginning of the year, children are standing by the buses crying because they cannot find their bus.

This is a very traumatizing experience when you’re little. So please figure out a different system for these children.

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