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World turning upside down on moral values

This is in regard to SVM’s Aug. 5 article “Severing ties at odds with its goals.” Equality Illinois’ odd request to Sister Cities International: The ancient and primitive Greeks and Romans crassly valued homosexual relations. But eventually the people wised up and realized that was a mistake, and homosexual activity was again deemed unethical and was basically driven underground. 

Now many Democrats and even some Republicans are trying to take us back thousands of years to more primitive and decadent times, despite the fact that thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. (All the arguments homosexuals use to try to rationalize homosexual activity are seriously flawed.) Some decent, moral people are now being legally discriminated against and penalized by those with rather perverse values. What an upside-down world, where we are supposed to cater to the immoral.

It may come as a surprise to you that some colleges like Harvard now have officially recognized student groups devoted to promoting the acceptance of BDSM – sexually deviant bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. That’s right. If you are a student who likes to smack people around, some colleges like Harvard now have groups for you.

He who has eyes to see, let them see. The “logic” of heterophobic homosexuals is rapidly leading this society down a slippery slope to a more and more aberrant and disordered society. Maybe down the line we’ll see “marriage” between straight and homosexual consenting-adult incestuous people. Whoopee. Anyone who thinks this is progress is deluding him/herself. Rome didn’t fall in a day. But it did fall.


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