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Leader should focus on people, not re-election

The front-page article in the Aug. 10-11 SVWeekend edition pertaining to the plight of the mentally ill in area jails was both informative and thought provoking.

Jail wardens interviewed deserve to be commended for their compassion in such difficult circumstances. Illinois, under the misguided leadership of Gov. Pat Quinn, cut $187 million from the mental health budgets from 2009 to 2012. Gov. Quinn supported these cuts with little or no regard to those affected.

His lack of judgment in mental health matters has created unnecessary suffering for those in need of service. The community-based programs cannot realistically be expected to pick up the more severely affected clients due to the closure of two mental health centers, Singer and Tinley Park.

Perhaps the governor will examine the new income generated by his well-publicized support and subsequent legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois by ordering said income be used to restore the $187 million cut from mental health budgets. He needs to spend more time working for the betterment of our people, instead of behaving like a cheap politician with aspirations for re-election in 2014.



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