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Forewarning needed before aerial spraying

Having spent most of my life in California, and perhaps too busy to notice, I was amazed when arriving in Dixon the routine announcements of numerous folks with “strange cancers,” and the subsequent benefits for them to pay medical expenses. 

Seems this is happening with many young folks around here. Again, it may simply be now that I am retired I have time to notice.

Another thing I have had time to notice is the random, unannounced aerial spraying of pesticides in very close proximity to residential areas. In fact, I watched yesterday as a crop duster laid down a line of spray right over the top of dozens of kids rafting on the Rock River. You could see the spray calmly laid down over the river and the boaters.

Hate California all you want, Illinoisans, but that is not allowed to happen in California. Many say California and other Western states have too many “environmental laws.” But anyone with half a brain knows that spraying active bodies of water and residential homes without notice is absolutely illegal, if not immoral, even in Illinois.

With the aforementioned in mind, I am asking any farmer who sprays “high yield” cancer-causing pesticides to write in and tell me that they allow their families to sit on their decks outside when the crops are being sprayed. I am asking that SVM adds extra space in the editorial section for all the farmers to weigh in telling all of us that they would allow their families to be outside directly underneath the spraying. I am eager to read and count the farmers weighing in.

Bottom line, “apathyville” spraying rivers and residential areas with pesticides, without appropriate notifications, is dumb, no matter who does it.



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