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New prince might not be so lucky

A baby is born across the Atlantic Ocean. Facebook news feeds and Twitter accounts in the Cedar Valley and across the globe light up.

Newspaper headlines in virtually every country shriek: “It’s a boy!”

It’s a strange world sometimes. A world in which between 350,000 and 400,000 babies are born per day. This one is instantly famous.

That’s because he could someday be the King of England.

He will be well fed, well educated and well scrubbed.

Some would call him the luckiest baby of all those born that day. Will he truly be?

This little guy has no clue what’s in store.

This child born into unimaginable riches, could also be a prisoner to unimaginable constraints.

Communications technology continues to advance exponentially. Where will the bar be set as he enters his school years when everyone will be wanting to take his picture and simultaneously send his image across the globe?

The first girl he smiles at will probably become famous.

Compromising situations and silly mistakes will be magnified, scrutinized, written about and turned into jokes.

Will he ever be able to go on a real date?

Will his vehicle be chased by paparazzi?

Never mind, we know the answer to that.

Will he be channeled into the British military, a good royal male realizing his sense of duty to a country full of admirers?

There are just some situations in which he will have no choice. That includes people chasing him down every day of his life.

His grandmother, the late Princess Diana, never seemed quite comfortable in the role and she wasn’t even born into it; she married into it.

While another baby born in England this week may rise to take the top office of that nation, the royal newborn may simply rise to take the throne as the reigning symbol of a monarch past, instead of a true international leader for the day.

While many across the world are already envious of this newborn child simply because of wealth, perceived comfort – and perhaps, a modicum of power – we suggest taking a closer look.

He may just end up wanting to be “The Anonymous Bloke Formerly Known as Prince.”


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