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Crundwell had no real victims? That’s nonsense

Published: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

This appeal for Rita Crundwell is ridiculous. Her attorney saying that there are no actual victims in the town of Dixon is complete nonsense.

Why don’t we ask all the citizens who, over the years, were let go of or didn’t receive any raises because the city simply couldn’t either afford to pay them or increase their pay?

If they are not considered victims, then I would like to know who is. I am very sure that many of the individuals who lost their jobs experienced a lot of emotional harm.

As far as the cooperation the city received from Rita, why wouldn’t she? She knew she was caught and that being uncooperative would only harm her further.

Saying that her sentencing was too harsh is ridiculous, and that she didn’t receive any benefit for assisting with recovering part of the funds. I’m not exactly sure why she should be given a break for helping recover funds that were never hers to begin with.

Since it is considered to be the largest case of municipal embezzlement in U.S. history, why wouldn’t her punishment be severe? It’s time to live with the punishment given for the crime you committed.

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