Supporters split into committees

Brechon: Group netted nearly 3,000 signatures

DIXON – Supporters of renovating and reopening Veterans Memorial Pool are working to cover all aspects of their fight.

About 40 people of all ages, including children, filled up the meeting room Wednesday at the Public Health and Safety Building and signed up for several committees.

The committees will specialize in fundraising, financing, organizing to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit group, fact-finding, public relations, the Ronald Reagan connection to the pool, the veterans connection to the pool and dealing with benefactors.

Also, the group talked about setting up a P.O. Box for those wishing to donate. Organizer Marilyn Trulock said she has had some requests.

Supporter Colleen Brechon, who is also a city commissioner, said the group collected 2,933 signatures for a petition that asked if people were interested in renovating and reopening the pool.

“We’re very interested in keeping the location and structure of the pool,” Trulock said Wednesday as a caveat.

The park district has said it will hand over the property to the city, under the condition it remains a place for public use.

The group plans to meet again at 7 p.m. July 31 at the pool property.