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Homeowners count on new administration

Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

I read, with interest, the letters in SV Weekend on June 29 from Ed Kobbeman and Ed Mulvaney, and they nailed it.

When it was announced there would be a meeting concerning the mandatory water hookup in Rock Falls last year, the issue was already decided. The meeting was designed to tell the residents it is what it is, so there: pay the money, come into compliance, and do it pronto.

Sure, there was discussion, after the fact and they sugar-coated it as being mandatory per the EPA. A small part of that was true, those within X number of feet from the former RB&W were affected. And who was minding the store all those years when RB&W was negligent? Some of those aldermen who are lifers should have been.

Homeowners, like the Kobbemans, myself, and others, were outside the EPA parameters. I believe the public meeting had dates in mind for implementation, well sort of, which is typical of the city of Rock Falls. Kind of like the cart-before-the-horse thinking process.

I am in a unique position because water is not available to me nor will it be until 2014 maybe. And to further my aggravation, I pay a higher sewer bill because I don’t have water. So I am already paying for the water I don’t have. 

I agree totally with Ed’s thinking; time for the new administration to correct some of the wrongs done by the former administrations. My vote always was for Bill Wescott, and I feel very strongly he will do what is right for the residents of Rock Falls.

At a minimum, he will listen to the citizens and approach this problem. And please, folks, be ready to vote next city election.

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