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Scripture story closely mirrors today’s plagues

Published: Thursday, June 27, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

A governing body clings to power by keeping people subordinate and subservient. That is making and keeping people dependent for the ordinary necessities and wants of livelihood.

The super powers of the media industry can make or break a candidate for election. The same mighty power can control a government political official in office as guilty or clean.

Sauk Valley Media is exacting, objective, aiming for truth in its reporting. The same applies for the pre-election reporting on candidates. Seeing River Ridge and Sauk Valley Media Pet Idol promotional ads, I am beginning to feel that I’ve seen them enough.

The local cities and towns harbor ghosts in their closets because of government administrations’ inefficiencies and ignorances on criminal intent. The pastors, ministers, and leaders of the churches work in harmony for the benefit of the community.

Same-sex marriage is just a jargon. The consensual consent to live together for the same-sex parties is more properly stated.

The traditional family marriage of father and mother is specifically designed by God. Children have the greatest assurance of a stable, family environment in a traditional family marriage of father and mother.

The Old Testament Scripture story of the plagues has a good resemblance to the terrifying devastation and destruction seen at this time, especially the annihilation of human life.

God uses (permits) nature, wildly uncontrolled, to send a message. Rather than curse the winds, fires, and rains, let us pray.

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